Second Rehearsal for Poland and Moldova (continuous update)

Second Rehearsal for Poland and Moldova (continuous update)

Fifth day of rehearsals at the International Exhibition Centre in Kiev, Ukraine and for some countries their 2nd rehearsal is a fact.

And we continue after the break with Poland.

Kasia today seemed more confident, simple and relaxed and her performance looked very consistent on stage today: blue colours, elegant white dress,  a powerful voice with pure class and a violinist joins her on stage. On stage we see a lot of smoke, stars on the back and shapes of birds, horses and dolphins. On the screen we can see the word Freedom displayed in different languages. In this second rehearsal not much has changed in the performance since the first one. Mostly some improvements in lighting and camera shots.

Take a look below at Kasia’s second rehearsal:

Next here in Kiev’s stage is the boyband from Moldova.

All the boyband are wearing  black suits. They are joined by three female back vocalists at the back of the stage. All the girls is dreesed as a brides. On the LED screen we can see a tunnel in black and white. MAMA is the main word on the screen that apeears. The foot stomping dance is being performed on stage by the boys and the girls. They are very confident on stage and vocally very stable and better than the first rehearsal. The second rehearsal was clearer and the music was also sharper.




Andrew Korypas

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