Second Rehearsal for Portugal and Greece (continuous update)

Second Rehearsal for Portugal and Greece (continuous update)


For one more time Portugal’s entry is delivered by Salvador’s sister , Louisa. The setting pictures a forest on stage for what seem the most retro entry for years in the contest. The singer will be standing on the little stage which is placed among the audience. Vocally we can’t express any opinion since she’s not going to perform the contesting night. However rumors say that Salvador won’t make it to Kiev eventually due to his health problems. In every case this song stands out at the moment and the bookies have already given it a 3rd placing in the betting odds.


It’s Demy’s second rehearsal and the Greek representative for sure had a better performance than the first day. The people from the Greek Delegation ask to change some scenes and closeups and to add some water in the small pond in which the dancers deliver the choreography.

During the song the Greek singer is lifted up on a platform and the dancers appear making synchronized moves and splashing with the water. The back round scene pictures water drops falling. In the 2nd chorus we have the water fall effect in front of Demy, where the water has a reversed direction. During the song’s bridge a hologram of a fairy flies upwards and Demy appears again on stage for the last part of the song.

Vocally much more better than the first rehearsal but still some improvement needed at the chorus where backing vocalists and Demy hit the high notes .

Angelo D.

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