Second rehearsal for Serbia and Austria

Second rehearsal for Serbia and Austria


Now it’s the time for Serbia’s second rehearsal. In her first rehearsal, Tijana Bogisevic had some vocal problems and she didn’t seem to have a chemistry with the dancer, not to mention that the song couldn’t fit with the whole choreography. But let’s see if her second appearance on stage was better than the first.

She gets on stage dressed up in a white dress with a white veil, extremely sexy and beautiful. She is alone in the center of the stage and the screen shows some white bubbles behind her, which are rising following the rhythm of the song. The backing vocalists do not appear on stage and the dancer is around the singer. At the end we see a panoramic shot from a whirl on the floor of the stage. The song ends showing the dancer next to the singer without his looking on camera. Tijana Bogisevic isn’t stable vocally as well as she was in the first rehearsal and she doesn’t seem to have an easy way for the final, taking into account and the weak place of her appearance in the semi final.



In the first rehearsal, Nathan Trent managed to impress the journalists with his stage performance and his voice. Dressed up in white, he starts singing the song and we see him on a construction of a moon, meanwhile behind of him there is a sky and clouds. After the first chorus, he walks on stage, very comfortable and without anxiety. He is perfect vocally and we can mention that he succeeds is transmitting the song to the audience very well. With such a professional appearance, it seems that Austria will have a very easy qualification for the final, something that wasn’t certain before the rehearsals. The whole press center also gives a big round of applause.


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