Second rehearsal for Switzerland and Belarus!

Second rehearsal for Switzerland and Belarus!


And now it’s time for the group Timebelle to come on stage for their second rehearsal. The female singer, wearing an impressive yellow dress, begins to sing in an also yellow platform, and and the same time the other members of the group contribute to the whole performance by playing piano and drums. After that, the singer goes next to the pianist and she keeps on singing. At the background we can see some elements of the greek/ roman mythology. She is very good vocally.


Next on stage for their second rehearsal are Naviband for Belarus. They are dressed up in white co lours, with the singer wearing a hat and they sing on a platform that reminds of a boat, with two fans on the back of the stage. At the screen we can see buildings, the sky and the universe. They manage to create a very good energy and they are very good vocally. All the attenders in the arena gave them a big round of applause.

Angelo D.

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