Second Rehearsal for The Netherlands and Hungary

Second Rehearsal for The Netherlands and Hungary

6th day of the Rehearsals and we are here again at the Press center of the IEC in Kiev for the 2nd rehearsals of the second semi final. First on stage today is The Netehrlands adn Hungary.


The trio sisters from The Netherlands is again on stage. Lisa, Amy, & Shelley are wearing black again. They are standing still and on the background we can see the words Cry no more and Lights and Shadows are shown on the screen. We dont have changes on the LED screens. Vocally, they are stable and they work as one voice. Overall, a good rehearsal for The Netherlands.


Now on stage is Joci Papai with his Ethnic song  «Origo». The hole performance is the same as in the International Final of his country and as in the 1st rehearsal. Vocally stable and very confident on stage. On stage there is a dancer and a violinist. On the background we see red and gold colours. Overall a good rehearsal and a song that has a positive feedback here in Kiev.

Stefanos Charpantidis

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