Second Rehearsal for UK and France

Second Rehearsal for UK and France

Next in today’s program are UK and France


Lucie wears a long gold dress and behind her there is a construction in the shape of a seashell, with lights coming from it. She is alone on stage and she has the same lights like the lights of the seashell. During the song a fan is used and this helps the whole atmosphere. We can say that it is a very nice performance. Lucie’s vocals are good, as it was expected.


She appears with a black white dress with rhinestones on it and intense colored make up. She’s alone on stage while on the back ground screens pictures of building lights and whole buildings are floating. Afterwards the pictures refer to Paris and distribute the Eiffel Tower as a Lighthouse in a dark scene. The scenes of the city start to spin around giving a panoramic dimension to what we see. The rehearsal ends with a closeup to Alma’s face .
Alma vocally sounds pretty good but the first part of the back round projections make the stage seem kind of empty, a fact that improves on the second half of the song when the pictures spin around and give another dimension to the stage.






Andrew Korypas

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