Second Rehearsal for Ukraine and Italy

Second Rehearsal for Ukraine and Italy

Seventh day of the Rehearsals and we are here again at the Press center of the IEC in Kiev for the 2nd rehearsals of the second semi final. First on stage today is ukraine and Italy.


It’s time for the host country to get on stage. As expected they appear on stage as a band. In the middle of the stage a big head is pictured and generally the whole setting is quite dark. Spotlights which throw a trembling light on the stage, give the perfect atmosphere and color for a rock entry. At the end of the song we see a sunrise pictured on the back round.


It’s time for Italy to get on stage. The screen is like the presentation in the San Remo Festival. A very colourful screen with lots of shapes and rising hands. Francesco wears a black costume like the one in the final round of the San Remo Festival. Behind him, there are four backing vocalists. The four vocalists is wearing colourfull pullover. The gorilla appears on the stage at the second chorus and the well known choreography starts. Francesco is amazing vocally . The vocalists dance in the same way with the singer and the gorilla at the end of the song.


Andrew Korypas

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