Serbia 2018: Beovizija show for the Serbian entry

Serbia 2018: Beovizija show for the Serbian entry

Olivera Kovacevic,  music editor at Serbia’s National broadcaster RTS, announced that Beovizija will come back in 2018.  Beovizija is a festival in Serbia that was used  to choose the country’s representative for Eurovision. The show was held since 2003 until 2009 but for Eurovision was used only for 3 years (2007- 2009).

The song submission period is still in progress and it will remain opened until the 20th of October. If we receive over 30 entries, a  professional jury will narrow them down to 10. We plan to stage a national final with these 10 acts in February in order to let the public and the jury decide Serbia’s 2018 Eurovision representative.

The 7 winners of the Festival so far are:

2003 Toše Proeski “Čija si”
2004 Negative “Zbunjena”
2005 Jelena Tomašević “Jutro”
2006 Flamingosi featuring Louis “Ludi letnji ples”
2007 Marija Šerifović “Molitva”
2008 Jelena Tomašević “Oro”
2009 Marko Kon & Milan Nikolić “Cipela”

In 2007, Serbia debuted in the contest and in Lisbon the country will count its 11th appearance. In 2007, Serbia won the competition with the song Molitva sung by Marija Šerifović.


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