Serbia 2018: Details for Pesma Evrovizije 2018

Serbia 2018: Details for Pesma Evrovizije 2018

The National Broadcaster of Serbia RTS revealed details about the procedure of the country’s National Final for Eurovision 2018.  Pesma Evrovizije 2018 will be a procedure consisting of 2 legs. During the procedure a Special Jury will be responsible for the hole choice. 

Composers from all over the world can cast their songs until the 20th of October 2017. The lead singer of the song has to be Serbian.

Despite of the Eurovision’s general rules (duration of the song, six persons on stage etc.), the Serbian broadcaster sets a prerequisite for the participation of a song in the competition; the lyrics has to be in one of the country’s  official languages (Serbian, Hungarian, Slovak, Croatian, Romanian, Roman, Albanian and Carpathian).

The whole process consists of 2 legs: In the first leg a special jury will evaluate all the songs and will choose the 10 songs for the second leg. The names of the jury and the names of the composers and the singers won’t be revealed  until the first leg is over.

After that, the 10 songs will be presented in a special television show. The final decision, about the song that will represent Serbia in the Eurovision Song contest 2018, will be taken by an  expert jury composed by the music industry of the country. The Serbian audience won’t take part in the whole procedure at all.

Serbia is participating in the Eurovision Song Contest as an independent country since 2007. She won the contest with Marija šerifović and her song Molitva in the country’s debut. In 2016, Tijana Bogićević failed to qualify in the Grand Final  with her song In too deep (11th in the senond semi final).



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