Serbia: Hurricane release the English version of ‘Loco Loco’

Serbia: Hurricane release the English version of ‘Loco Loco’

The Serbian Eurovision 2021 representatives , the female group, Hurricane, have released the English version of their entry for Rotterdam ‘Loco Loco’

The famale trio, Hurricane, will be representing Serbia at the upcoming Eurovision Song Contest with their song ‘Loco Loco’. The song as a result of the female group’s collaboration with Darko Dimitrov and  Nemanja Antonić, the person behind their 2020 entry “Hasta La Vista”. Darko has been behind several past Eurovision entries from North Macedonia, Albania, and Serbia among which his best result came with Tamara Todevska’s “Proud” which  finished 9th for North Macedonia.

Now the Serbian hopefuls have released the Engish version of their song which you can listen to in the following video: 

Hurricane will compete in the first semi final show on May 18 , 2021 performing 9th on stage. 

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