Serbia: Jelena Tomašević drops her new track “Diraj mi usne”

Serbia: Jelena Tomašević drops her new track “Diraj mi usne”

The Serbian ESC 2008 representative, Jelena Tomašević treat her fans with a new track along with its music video, titled “Diraj mi usne” .

After more than a year since she released the beautiful ballad “Suncokret” (Sunflower), Jelena Tomašević treats her fans  with a new song and video titled Diraj mi usne” (Touch my lips), presenting herself this time in a completely new and different rhythm and manner that will definitely surprise not only fans of her music. , but also all the followers of  the regional music scene.

Watch the video for the song “Diraj mi usne” (Touch my lips) which shows Jelena in a seductive and magnetic visual expression:


Jelena in Eurovision 

In 2004, singing the song “Kad ne bude tvoje ljubavi” with great success at the Beovizija Festival, the Serbian selection for the Eurovision Song Contest.

In 2005, she started a professional collboration with popular Serbian singer Željko Joksimović. At the Beovizija 2005, she sang the song “Jutro” composed by Željko Joksimović, written by Aleksandra Milutinović and won. Jelena was considered one of the favourites, ultimately she missed out in controversial fashion at the overall Serbia and Montenegro final (Evropesma), when all four Montenegrin jurors overlooked it in distributing their points. This was the final appearance at the contest for a united Serbia and Montenegro.

In December 2007, Jelena Tomašević entered the Beovizija 2008. Open competition with song“Oro” composed by Željko Joksimović and written by Dejan Ivanović. In March 2008, she triumphed in the Serbian national selection, having received the highest number of points from both the jury and televoters. She was awarded as the best interpretation prize by the selection jury. She represented Serbia on home soil, in Eurovision Song Contest 2008 in Belgrade and achieved a 6th place for her country.

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