Serbia JESC 2019: Darija Vračević to perform Podigni Glas (Speak Up) at Junior Eurovision 2019

Serbia JESC 2019: Darija Vračević to perform Podigni Glas (Speak Up) at Junior Eurovision 2019

The Serbian national broadcaster, RTS,  has revealed that among the submissions it received, selected Darija Vračević and her entry Podigni Glas (Speak Up) to represent the country in Poland on November 24.

A few words for Darija Vračević

Darija is 11 years old and was born in Belgrade. Apart from her regular school classes she attends a music school where she studies piano. She has participated in many music festivals in Serbia and abroad. Besides being a singer she took part in the children’s musicals Tesla and  Battle at the Magnetic Field. She has contributed to translations in several  Disney / PixarParamount and Nickelodeon productions. Darija additionally loves dancing and member of the  pro-team while she had won 2 silver medals and 5 gold in a Serbian dancing festival. In 2017 she made an attempt to rerpesent the country at Junior Eurovision with here song  Ove zvezde smo ti i ja, without successχωρίς επιτυχία. In 2016 she competed in the Balkan talent show Pinkove Zvezde, while recently she appeared on the special edition of , All stars.

The Serbian entry which will be released in the days coming is a result of the collaboration with musicians Aleksandra and Leontina aiming to have a inspring composition. Through her entry Podigni Glas (Speak Up), Darija urges all of us to wake up and start taking care of each other and our planet.

Serbia has been participating since 2006 missing out only the editions in 2011, 2012, and 2013. Its best placing was in 2007 and 2010 when the country came 3rd.  Out of 10 years of participation saw Serbia in the top 10 positions. Last year however  Bojana Radovanović with the song Svet, despite her remarkable vocal performance finished in the 19th placing, the country’s worst result.

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