Bojana Radovanović will represent Serbia in the upcoming  Junior Eurovision Song Contest in Minsk, Belarus.

The Serbian national broadcaster ,RTS, revealed that Bojana Radovanović will be the country’s next representative in Junior Eurovision 2018 with her entry  Svet (World). Bojana was selected after the Serbian channel made an open call for acts and songs that were evaluated by a professional jury.


However, the song Svet that Bojana will perform in Misk Arena has been released yet and will go public the following days.

The upcoming  Junior Eurovision is scheduled to take place in the Minsk Arena on November 25 2018 in Belarus. A record number of 20 countries will participate , among them for the first time Wales and Kazahkstan.

Serbia in Junior Eurovision

The country made its first apperance back in 2006 and was represented by Neustrašivi Učitelji Stranih Jezika  “Učimo strane jezike”, which finished in the 5th place. Serbia participated in each contest up to 2010 , when she decided to withdraw, but came back in 2014 and has never lost a contest since then . Last year, in Tbilisi, Georgia the country was represented by the duo  Irina Brodić and Jana Paunović and their entry Ceo svet je naš which finsihed in 10th place with 92 points.

Lets remember Serbia’s last year’s participation in Tbilisi , Georgia: