Serbia: Tijana Bogićević will fly to Kiev

Serbia: Tijana Bogićević will fly to Kiev

The National Broadcaster of Serbia RTS announced that the 35-years-old Tijana Bogićević will represent the country in Kiev. The selection was made by musical editors of RTS.

Tijana tried in 2009 to represent her country in Eurovision. In 2011 she was a back vocalist in Nina’s Caroban. She lives and works in Boston -USA. Apart from Tijana, RTS also announced the composers of the song that Tijana will perform in Kiev.  Borislav Milanov, Bo Persson, Johan Alkenas and Lisa Ann-Mari Linder will compose the song. This team is famous in Eurovision as the have composed Conchita’s Rise like a Phoenix and Poli Genova’s If love was a crime.

Stefanos Charpantidis

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