Sertab Erener: “Turkey should return to the Eurovision Song Contest”.

Sertab Erener: “Turkey should return to the Eurovision Song Contest”.

I24 May 2003: a day that all the Turkish Eurovision fans will remember. The occasion of course wasn’t other than the 14th anniversary of  Sertab Erener’s win in Eurovision Song contest 2003 in Riga.

3a14 year’s ago the Turkish artist managed with her entry “Every way that i can” and her dynamic on stage performance to win Europe’s heart and crown Turkey with its first victory in the Eurovision Song Contest. It was enough as an excuse for Turkey’s artists, Eurovision fans and of course Sertab herself to gather and recall all the nice moments and overwhelming feelings that night brought to everyone.

Among all those, was Ali Durgut, President and founder of the Turkish Eurovision Fan Club “Eurovision Dream” member of the International Network Fan Clubs of Eurovision (INFE), who grabbed the chance talking to that night’s star and shared some of her memories of the victory and thoughts about the future.

Sertab Erener  elegant, beautiful and modest as always  answered to Ali’s questions.

Ali :After all you have experienced what is your opinion of the contest and Turkey’s role in it?

Sertab: Eurovision is a very important event. I think that Turkey should return to the contest and share its music and culture with rest of Europe and the world. I will be really happy if i see our country come back to this event which after all is beautiful and pleasant for everyone”

Ali: What do you think of this year’s winner?

Sertab: ” Congratulations to Portugal. I really liked Salvador’s performance and his song “Amar Pelos Dois” . It is a very beautifully composed entry and i think it won fairly”

Ali: In case of a comeback are you available to help another representative and is she interest in participating  herself again ?

Sertab: “If our country was to return, i would be glad to contribute in any way and help the participating artist. But for me a new Eurovision participation is out of the question. I believe that it is better for an artist to quit when he is on top and highest point  in his career when it comes down to events like Eurovision”.

Ali: What are your future plans and what do you want to message to your fans?

Sertab:  Well at the present stage i m focused on my new tour that will start the following days. I send all my love to all the fans that have supported me all this years and feel so grateful for all the acceptance and love i have been receiving all this years no matter how many years have passed since my victory”. 

Ali and all of the fans present thanked Sertab for all the beautiful moments she has offered to the Eurovision family and honored her with a special award expressing  all this gratitude.

Let’s remember Sertab’s amazing performance of Every way that i can that gave to Turkey its first victory:


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  1. The only way Turkey could come back to Eurovision is if TRT drop the whole disbandment of the Big 5 issue.

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