Slovakia’s national broadcaster (RTVS), in a statement, said the country was not going to return to the Eurovision Song Contest in 2019.

In particular, it confirmed at today that the country will not return to the Eurovision Song Contest for the foreseeable future.

 RTVS spokesman said:

“RTVS ‘long-standing position remains unchanged. The Eurovision Song Contest is beyond our financial capabilities, so RTVS will not participate”.

Although this year’s Contest was broadcast to the country via radio, and given the Czech neighbor’s good standing in the Contest, many believed that Slovakia would return to the next event. However, it seems that the financial problems faced by RTVS, as well as the bad positions it has taken in the past, will prevent another country from returning to the Institution for another year.

Slovakia participated last time in the Eurovision Song Contest in 2012 when Max Jason Mai came out last in the second semifinal (18th) with the song “Do not Close Your Eyes“.