Slovenia 2017: Snippets of EMA 2017

Slovenia 2017: Snippets of  EMA 2017

RTSLO the National Broadcaster of Slovenia, is getting prepared for the National Final of EMA 2017.  EMA will consist of 3 nights, 2 semi final shows (17 and 18 of February) and the Grand Final (24 of February). Hosts of the nights will be Tina Gorenjak, Maja Martina Merljak and Tanja Kocman. In the Final Mario Galunič will be with the 3 girls on stage.


Today, RTSLO revealed  30 seconds of every song. The 16 songs are divided into 2 semi finals.

1st Semi Final:

  1. King Foo – Wild Ride
  2. Nika Zorjan – Fse
  3. Tosca Beat – Free World
  4. Lea Sirk – Freedom
  5. Sell Out – Ni panike
  6. Zala Dj – Lalalatino
  7. Alya – Halo
  8. Omar Naber – On My Way

2nd Semi Final:

  1. Clemens – Tok ti sede
  2. Raiven – Zažarim
  3. Kataya & Duncan Kamakana – Are You There
  4. BQL – Heart of Gold
  5. Ina Shai – Colour me
  6. United Pandaz & Arsello feat. Alex Volasko – Heart to Heart
  7. Tim Kores Kori – Open Fire
  8. Nuška Drašček – Flower in the Snow

From each semi final 4 songs will move on to the Final Show. 2 songs from the televoters and 2 songs from the jury panel. The Final show will consist of 8 acts.


Stefanos Charpantidis

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