Slovenia: 4 more songs for the EMA 2018

Slovenia: 4 more songs for the EMA 2018

As in the previous two days, radio excerpts from the next 4 songs of EMA 2018 have been released today via Radio 202.

We remind you that the presentation  process began on February 5th and will be completed tomorrow, February 8th. Within these four days, all entries will be heard at Radio Val 202, where four songs will be shown on air each day. Subsequently, the 16 artists will present their participation in a small interview.

The following 4 songs have been released today via radio station Radio Val 202:

Tanja Ribič – “Ljudje”

ManuElla – “Glas”

Lara Kadis – “Zdaj sem tu”

Ina Shai – “V nebo”

Below, see again all the contestants of EMA 2018:

  • Anabel – “Pozitiva”
  • BQL – “Ptica”
  • Gregor Ravnik – “Zdaj je čas”
  • Ina Shai – “V nebo”
  • Indigo – “Vesna”
  • KiNG FOO – “Žive sanje”
  • Lara Kadis – “Zdaj sem tu”
  • Lea Sirk – “Ne, hvala!”
  • ManuElla – “Glas”
  • Marina Martensson – “Blizu”
  • MILA – “Svoboda”
  • Nika Zorjan – Uspavanka”
  • Nuška Drašček – “Ne zapusti me zdaj”
  • Orter – “Tisoč let””
  • Proper – “Ukraden cvet”
  • Tanja Ribič – “Ljudje”

Finally, we remind you that the semi-final with the 16 songs will be held on February 17. Only eight will qualify for the final. Four will be selected by the public and four will be selected by the jury. EMA 2018 will be hosted by Vid Valic. A week later, on 24 February, the EMA’s great final will be held.

Stay tuned for the remaining 4 and last songs of the EMA 2018, which will be announced tomorrow 8/2.

Fotis Kourouvanis

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