Slovenia: All 16 songs of EMA 2018

Slovenia: All 16 songs of EMA 2018

All 16 entries of this year’s national finals in Slovenia, EMA 2018, are here. Every day from radio station Radio Val 202, we had the opportunity to listen  four entries, with the latest ones being revealed yesterday. Now, the 16 songs that are part of this year’s EMA, are available to the audience.

The 16 participants of EMA 2018 and their songs are:

On February 17, the semi-final with all 16 songs  will be held. From the 16 songs of the semifinal, only eight will qualify for the final. Four will be selected by the public and four will be selected by the jury. EMA 2018 will be hosted by Vid Valic. A week later, on the 24th of February, the EMA’s Final will be held. Now that we know all the 16 candidate songs, what do you think? 

Stefanos Charpantidis

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