Slovenia: EMA 2018 semi-final results

Slovenia: EMA 2018 semi-final results

EMA is the Slovenian national contest through which the country will choose its representative at ESC 2018 . Tonight, we watched the semi final of the contest among the 16 finalists. The show was hosted by Vid Valič.

We remind you that the country’s national broadcaster RTVSLO, started receiving applications for EMA 2018 in September 2017. After the deadline, a special jury concluded in these 16 entries. Last week through Radio Val 202, we heard for the first time snippets of the competing songs , having  4 revealed  each day.

Tonight’s competing entries were:

  1. Anabel – Pozitiva
  2. Tanja Ribič – Ljudje
  3. KiNG FOO – Žive sanje
  4. INA SHAI – V nebo
  5. Indigo – Vesna
  6. ManuElla – Glas
  7. MILA – Svoboda
  8. Orter – Kraljica
  9. Lara Kadis – Zdaj sem tu
  10. BQL – Ptica
  11. Proper – Ukraden cvet
  12. Nika Zorjan – Uspavanka – Lullaby
  13. Marina Martensson – Blizu
  14. Nuška Drašček – Ne zapusti me zdaj
  15. Gregor Ravnik – Zdaj je čas
  16. Lea Sirk – Hvala, ne!

Among tonight’s contestants we met ManuElla, which represented the country at ESC 2016, winning 14th place in the 2nd semi final.In addition, the KiNG FOO, participated in last year’s EMA, finishing in the 7th place. Moreover, the duo BQL, which also participated in last year’s EMA,winning second place, although public voting place them first. Nika Zorjan took part in last year’s EMA, winning 5th place. Last year, Lea Sirk and INA SHAI also took part , without either of them making it to the final.  Finally, Nuška Drašček last year ended in the fourth place in the EMA final.

Four finalists were determined by the public votes while another  four were decided by the jury.

The 8 songs which made it to the final are: 

The grand final of EMA 2018 will be held on February 24th.

Fotis Kourouvanis

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