Slovenia: EMA Freš third week results; Two more finalists determined

Slovenia: EMA Freš third week results; Two more finalists determined

RTVSLO the Slovenian broadcaster has launched this year the new online selection format of EMA Frešthrough which two acts will fill in two spots in the national final of  EMA 2020. 

How does EMA FREŠ work

A total of 18 acts will battle for the two spots in the national final.  From November 4 onwards, each day from Monday to Wednesday  a duel of acts battle for a spot in Friday’s weekly final round. The public votes for a winner from each ‘daily duel’ via the EMA Facebook page, while a jury will also selects a winner.

After the first three weeks, a total of six artists will have qualified to the EMA Freš final. The four finalists left will be selected through a second chnance round , an additional online vote among the duels’ losers.  The 10 finalists will fight  for one of the two spots in the EMA 2020 national final. One will be selected by public voting and second one by a jury. The two acts will compete in the national final againsts the other established artists.

In  first weeks’s set of duelsStella won the first duel, Younite the second and Martina the third. Eventually the first two acts made it to the final.


In last second week’s duels Klarity and Parvani Violet achieved to pass to the EMA FREŠ final.

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EMA FREŠ moved into its third week of duels with three more sets of duels:

 Monday, November 18th
  • Ljudmila Frelih – Vztrajaj, ker je vredno (Persevere because it’s worth it)
  • Saška – Še kar lovim tvoj nasmeh (I’m still chasing your smile) WINNER
Tuesday, November 19th
  • Alfirev – Črno bela lika (Black and white figure)
  • Nuša Pliberšek – Življenje je čarovnija (Life is magic) WINNER
Wednesday, November 20th
  • Lana Hrvatin – Dream
  • Marmoris – Moj pristan (My haven)WINNER

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In Friday’s round, the three above winners went through another round of public and jury voting. Saška and Marmoris won their spots in the EMA FREŠ final. It has not been revealed which act one the public or jury vote. Meanwhile, Nuša will join Martina and Petra in the second chance.

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Therefore the six EMA FREŠ final qualiers so far are :

  • Stella
  • Younite
  • Klarity
  • Parvani Violet
  • Saška
  • Marmoris


As six of the 10 spots for the  EMA Freš final have been deternined over these three last weeks the remaining four spots will be filled in after an another last round of voting. The 10 finalists will compete for one of the two spots in Slovenian national final EMA 2020. One will be selected through public voting and the other by the jury.

The Eurovision story so far

Slovenia participated at the Eurovision Song Contest in 1993 with 1X Band and hasn’t won yet the competition. The country’s best results in the contest is a 7th placing, achieved  in 1995 (Darja Svajger) and 2001 (Nusa Derenda).

Slovenia has competed 24 times in the contest since their debut in 1993, and has only missed out the contests of 1994 and 2000 when it had to stay out of the event due to the rules of the competition at that time. In 2018 Slovenia opted to select its Eurovision act and entry via its traditional national selection EMA. Lea Sirk flew to Lisbon with her entry Hvala, ne!, placing 22nd in the Grand Final.

This year the country was represented in Tel Aviv by the duo, Zala Kralj and Gašper Šantl and their entry “Sebi” which finished in 15th place in the Grand final, marking Slovenia’s fourth semi final qualification the last six years of participation. Let rememer Zala and Gašper’s performance on Expo Tel Aviv’s stage in the grand final:

Angelo D.

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