Slovenia: Lea Sirk with “Ne, hvala” will fly to Lisbon!

Slovenia: Lea Sirk with “Ne, hvala” will fly to Lisbon!

Slovevia just decided its represenantive for Lisbon! EMA,the Slovenian national selection, was completed a few minutes ago and Lea Sirk is the big winner with “Ne, hvala“. Slovenia has been using  EMA (Evrovizijska Melodija) to select its Eurovision entry since 1993, except 2012 and 2013. The winner of EMA 2018 was determined by a  combination of televoting and jury voting by 50% each.

We remind you that the country’s national broadcaster RTVSLO, started receiving applications for EMA 2018 in September 2017. After the deadline, a special jury concluded in these 16 entries. Tonight, 8 finalists, 4 determined by the public while another 4 decided by the jury, competed:

The running order  was as follows:

  1. Lea Sirk– Hvala, ne!
  2. Indigo– Vesna
  3. Ina Shai– Glow
  4. BQL– Promise
  5. Marina Martensson– Blizu
  6. Lara Kadis– Zdaj sem tu
  7. Proper– Ukraden cvet
  8. Nuška Drašček– Ne zapusti me zdaj

Ina Shai and BQL  switced their songs, “Glow”and “Promise”,respectively, in English a few days before the final as in the semi final the contestants were bound to perform in Slovenian but this limitation did not exist in tonight’s final.

Vid Valič and Raiven presented the show while Omar Naber (2017) and Maja Keuc (2011) were among the guests .It was quite busy night for Raiven as she performed  both her 2 previous EMA entries, ‘Črno bel’ and ‘Zažarim’, as well as her brand new single.

Listen below to the winning song that will represent Slovenia in the upcoming Eurovision Song Contest in Lisbon next May:

Fotis Kourouvanis

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