Slovenia: ManuElla – Blue and red this year’s entry

Slovenia: ManuElla – Blue and red this year’s entry

Klemen Slakonja hosted the show in Ljubljana and the country decided that ManuElla with the song Blue and Red will be their entry for this year’s Eurovision Song Contest.

The 10 acts that batteled for the ticket were:

  1. Anja BašWhat if
  2. Žan SerčičSummer story
  3. Anja KotarToo cool
  4. San Di EGOBrez tebe
  5. D Base Spet živ
  6. ReginaAlive in every way
  7. ManuEllaBlue and red
  8. Raiven – Črno bel
  9. Nuša DerendaTip top
  10. Sebastian LukovnjakTales of tomorrow

The jury decided that the 2 acts for the super final were

  1. Mannuella – Blue and Red
  2. Raiven – Črno bel

After that, it was time for the public to cast their votes and decided that ManuElla will represent them.

Stefanos Charpantidis

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