Slovenia: Results of the 2nd Semi Final

Slovenia: Results of the 2nd Semi Final

The 2nd semi final in Slovenia is over. 8 acts were on stage again and fought for the 4 tickets, two from the audience and two from the jury. Tina Gorenjak, Maja Martina Merljak and Tanja Kocman hosted the tonight’s show.

The 8 singers in tonight’s show were:

  1. Clemens – Tok ti sede
  2. Raiven – Zažarim
  3. Kataya & Duncan Kamakana – Are You There
  4. BQL – Heart of Gold
  5. Ina Shai – Colour Me
  6. United Pandaz & Arsello feat. Alex Volasko – Heart to Heart
  7. Tim Kores Kori – Open Fire
  8. Nuška Drašček – Flower in the Snow

Among this night’s contestants we saw again Raiven who  finished at the second place last year.

The 4 acts that moved on to the Grand Final are:

  1. Nuška Drašček – Flower in the Snow
  2. Tim Kores Kori – Open Fire
  3. Raiven – Zažarim
  4. BQL – Heart of Gold

The Grand Final of Evrovizijska Melodija 2017 will be held on στις 24 Φεβρουαρίου. The  8 Finalists of the Final Show are:

  1. KiNG FOOWild ride
  2. Nika ZorjanFse
  3. Sell OutNi panike
  4. Omar NaberOn my way
  5. Nuška Drašček – Flower in the Snow
  6. Tim Kores Kori – Open Fire
  7. Raiven – Zažarim
  8. BQL – Heart of Gold

Stefanos Charpantidis

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