Slovenia: RTVSLO to broadcast an alternative Eurovision program

Slovenia: RTVSLO to broadcast an alternative Eurovision program

The Slovenian national broadcaster has revealed its decision to broadcast a special Eurovision show just before the Eurovision: Europe shine Light is broadcast on our TV screens. 

After the EBU canceled this year’s Eurovision on March 18, which would have  taken place in Rotterdam on May 12, 14 and 16, several radio broadcasters have decided to do broadcast alternative Eurovision programs – in addition to the non-competition show Eurovision: Europe Shine A Light on May 16 . Among them the Slovenian national broadcaster, RTVSLO, is preparing a special show just an hour before Europe Shine A Light appears on our screens.

According to the Slovenian broadcaster has the following plans set: 

“RTVSLO will broadcast EBU Shine a Light and will also prepare a special program before this broadcast about this year’s Emma, our winner and also about Emma’s history.”

And added:

“The Eurovision program is prepared by Radio Slovenia. On 16 May, a real Eurovision evening is promised to us on TV Slovenia, at 8 pm our program will be broadcast first, at 9 pm followed by the transmission of the joint Eurovision broadcast Europe Shine a Light, which is being prepared by  Dutch broadcasters.”

This year Ana Soklič  had won the country’s national fina, EMA 2020 with the song “Voda”. However the broadcaster hasn’t yet cleared out whether it will go on to Eurovision 2021 with Ana or it will hold a new national final.


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