Slovenia’s First Rehearsal

Slovenia’s First Rehearsal

And here we are again. Back in Globe Arena and the 4th day of the rehearsals. First to go on stage after a good sleep, is the representative of Slovenia, ManuElla. At the beginning of the song, the singer is alone on stage and as the performance goes on, an acrobat dancer comes on stages to join  her.

The LED screens shows faces. There is also smoke, a wind machine and pyro effects. Ofcourse the dominant colours of the spotlights are blue and red. Vocally, Manuella sang the song better than she has ever sung.

In an interview before the rehearsal, ManuElla talked about her dress she is going to wear in the semi final: “It is very modern dress, with white and black elements, decorated with pieces of glass on my shoulders, and created by a professional Slovenian designer. It feels good to wear it.”





Stefanos Charpantidis

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