Eurovision Galla

Eurovision Galla

As we mentioned in our last week’s article the first four finalists  were: AmaiaMiriamAlfred and Aitana. The first three got the highest score coming from the jury in the previous show and qualified directly to the final phase of the show but the Spanish national final also. Aitana was the academy’s teachers choice  having them to decide between her, Agoney and Ana Guerra.

However,  Agoney will have his chance to battle for the golden ticket to Lisbon, ’cause according to tonight’s TVE’s announcement, in next week’s Eurovision Gala, apart from the 5 solo acts, there will be addionally three duets, formed by these last six Operacion Triunfo contestants, including Agoney too. But it is still not defined whether he will take part in the last competing song, Camina, where all the other finalists will compete.

Let us remind you that the next Eurovison representative of Spain, that will be determined on the 29th of January (Eurovision Gala), won’t necessarily be the winner of the whole show of  Operacion Triunfo, since its final is taking  place on February 5.

Tomorrow at 14:30 pm CET a special program will be aired to unveil the competing songs of Eurovision Gala, alongside with the  composers of the songs.

Watch below one of  Agoney’s performances on Operacion Triunfo: