Spain: Barei – I would love to record a duet with Amir

Spain: Barei – I would love to record a duet with Amir

Sometime there are moments of fortune and happiness, marvelous moments, as suspended in time. This is one of these moments we lived when we interviewed Barei. This beautiful Spanish girl will represent her country in Sweden. Beaming smile, captivating woman, we let you discover the interview.

Alain : Hello Barei, welcome in this 8th edition of « Eurovision in Concert »! You will represent your country, Spain, in Sweden during Eurovision, hwo do you feel one month before the great show?

Barei : Oh France!! Your candidate is my favourite!! Amir, he covered my song and I like it of course! Well, I feel thankfull, that’s the only thing that I can say because this is the biggest chance I’ve ever had. Personaly, not only professionaly.


Alain : Can you tell me what is your song about? What is the team who composed it?

Barei : I composed it with my producer, Ruben Villanueva, it’s about motivating force and I would like to bring that message of power, the one you got inside. Cause the only thing you need to be whatever you want to be in life is your will power. You can do everything, your will power will always be with you.

Alain : Just a minute, you just hipnotized me with your eyes!! Spain won the contest twice, can you give me the name of the artists who made your country victorious?

Barei : (laughs) My eyes (laughs)… thank you! Yeah! Massiel, and Salomé!

Alain : Apart spotlights on stage, how does your everyday life look like?

Barei : I live in the mountains, I love nature, I have three dogs. My favourite hobby is… food! (laughs). I love it more than dancing!! I love to watch movies with my boyfriend and my dogs. I love to compose music, to write music, to be with my family, my friends.

Alain : What is the center of your attention when you look at a man?

Barei : The hands! Yeah, and his smile maybe…

Alain : If you had to describe fortune, what comes to you?

Barei : Oh… I think it will be to feel happy.

Alain : If you were able to talk to the little girl you were before but with you present experience, what would you tell her?

Barei : Let’s be yourself! It’s ok!

Alain : I give you the chance to come and visit my country, France, for a week…What do you want to visit?

Barei : I’ve been in Paris and that was… Wow… the most romantic city in the world I think. Oh yes I will, don’t know when but I will come back, and I have friends there.


Alain : Would you like to record a duet with Amir?

Barei : Of course! He knows that I want to do one, and I think he will be ok to do it as well!! (laughs), yeah, I think he will love it too.

Alain : Do you want to leave a message for your fans in France or anywhere else?

Barei : Oh yes! Thank you for your support, be yourself. Don’t ever give up, that’s the message I wanna bring to you. Don’t ever let anybody tell you that you’re not able to live your dreams.

Euro’Idol INFE France would like to thank you for accepting this interview. We wish you good luck!


Stefanos Charpantidis

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