Spain: Blas Cantó to sing “Voy a quedarme” at Eurovision 2021

Spain: Blas Cantó to sing “Voy a quedarme” at Eurovision 2021

The Spanish Eurovision 2021 representatice, Blas Cantό, will be singing “Voy a quedarme”  in Rotterdam on May 22nd, after tonight’s outcome of the gala ‘Destino Eurovisiόn’

Once TVE internally selected  Blas Canto for this year’s contest, they opted for a national song selection in which the audience would select exclusively the entry Blas will sing in Rotterdam Ahoy. The game was a battle for two songs this year, one uptempo song titled Memoria” and a ballad called “Voy a quedarme”.

The Eurovision gala Destino Eurovisión took place this evening during which besided Blas Cantό’s performances of the two candidate songs featured great artists and friends of the singer. Namely, Pastora Soler (Spain 2012), Vanesa Martín, Edurne (Spain 2015), Nia, Andrés Suárez, Cepeda and Roi appeared on today’s show. 

Marvin Dietmann, the artistic director for Spain , contributed  in the staging of both candidate songs. Watch below Blas perform the two candidate songs: 

1. “Voy a quedarme”

 2. Memoria”

The Voting Process

While, the voting had already opened since February 10 , viewers had been able to vote for their favorite entry through phone calls, via SMS, on the  web (  and the  Eurovision TVE APP . During this first voting phase, users are were able to  vote  online  once a day  (for each device) and from  any country in the world .

Voting closed just before the beginning of  ‘Destino Eurovisión’ . After Blas’ two performances, the voting reopened for a few minutes – this time, with this time being possible to  vote unlimitedly  through the internet. 

According the results the song  “Voy a quedarme” received 58% of the votes and will be the one to travel with Blas Cantό to Rotterdam next May. 

News Source: TVE


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