Spain: Blas Cantó unveils his team for Rotterdam

Spain: Blas Cantó unveils his team for Rotterdam

Blas Cantó has been internally selected to represent Spain at the 65th Eurovision Song Contest in Rotterdam, performing his song “Universo”. Blas has unveiled the team that will join him on the stage next May.

In Rotterdam, the Spanish hopeful’s team will include Dangelo Ortega, who is also in the song’s creative team. Additionally, Daira MonzónIrene AlmanPedro Elipe and Hector Artiles will join their forces with his team.  This is not the first involment of Pedro Elipe in Eurovision as he made an attempt to  represent Spain at Eurovision 2017 with the song Del dolor. Notable that Dan Hammond, the producer and composer of “Universo”, will be the musical director of the performance while behind the stage presentation will be the Danish Nicoline Refsing.

Blas will be competing directly to the grand final and will be singing “Universo” a song written by Blas Cantó himself along with , Dan HammondAshley Hicklin, Dangelo Ortega and Mikolaj Trybulec.

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