Spain: “Memoria” and “Voy a quedarme” are Blas Cantó’s potential Eurovision 2021 entries .

Spain: “Memoria” and “Voy a quedarme” are Blas Cantó’s potential Eurovision 2021 entries .

The Spanish national broadcaster, TVE, has unveiled that “Memoria” and “Voy a quedarme” are Blas Cantó’s potential songs for Eurovision 2021 .

TVE, has released the titles of the two candidate Eurovision 2021 entries for the country’s representative, Blas Cantό. The songs, will be released on Wednesday,  February 10 at 6:00 p.m.  Once the songs are published, viewers will be able to  vote for their favorite entry  to represent Spain in the 65th edition of the competition via the  website  and the  official app of Eurovision TVE , as well through  telephone calls  and  SMS .

The Spanish act will present each track at the  ‘Destino Eurovisión’ gala  , which will be aired live by La 1. During this televised program, the date of which we will get to know in the next few days, we will find out  the song that was voted by the audience  and, therefore, the one that Blas Cantó will perform in the  Rotterdam in the final show on May 22.


Memoria is the more uptempo song among the two candidate entries for Blas. “Memoria” is a song that aims to convey  good energy to the public,  but at the same time, make them  excited.

The song has been composed Blas himself along with Steve Daly, Oliver Som  and  Leroy Sánchez.

“Voy a quedarme”

The second candidate song for Eurovision 2021 is a  power balad,  a genre that the artist is close toand allows him to show off his vocal skills on stage.Voy a Quedarme ( I’m going to Stay) is very  sensitive and strong  at the same time that ambitions to move the audience.

The song has been created by the performer himself together with  Leroy Sánchez ,  Daniel Ortega ‘Dangelo’  and  Dan Hammond. 

The Voting Process

This year,  viewers will choose the song from Spain for the  Eurovision Song Contest . Voting will open this Wednesday, at 6:00 p.m., as soon as the premiere of “Memoria” and “Voy a Quedarme” takes place. From then on, viewers will be able to vote for their favorite entry through phone calls, via SMS, on the  web (  and the  Eurovision TVE APP  (you can download the application for IOS devices  or  Android ). During this first voting phase, users will be able to  vote  online  once a day  (for each device) and from  any country in the world .

Voting will close just before the start of  ‘Destino Eurovisión’ , in which Blas Cantó will perform his two candidate songs live. After the two performances, the voting will reopen for a few minutes – this time, it will be possible to  vote unlimitedly  through the internet. By the end of the gala, we will find out the song  which will fly with Blas Cantó to Rotterdam next May.

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