Spain: Miki Núñez wins national final and will sing “La Venda” in Tel Aviv

Spain: Miki Núñez wins national final and will sing “La Venda” in Tel Aviv

The Spanish national final, OT Eurovision Gala took place tonight crowing winner Miki Núñez and his song La Venda.

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In this year’s Spanish national final, a total of 10 songs were performed by 9 acts, who all came from the country’s talent show  Operación Triunfo, the show used in order to determine the Eurovision 2019 entry. The 10 songs that competed in tonight’s national final and were delivered by the 9 hopefuls are listed below with all of their performances:


Miki Núñez is 22 yo and comes from Madrid. Even though himself finished 6th in Operación Triunfo show and despite not being in the top 3 songs of the online voting, the energetic and vivid way he delivered his entry won people’s preference, who crowned him winner of the Spanish national final of Eurovision Gala. His song is entirely in Spanish language and in latin tempo. Composer of the song is Adrià Salas.

During the show a special panel formed by  Manuel Martos, Pastora Soler, Tony Aguilar, Doron Medalie commented on all performances but didn’t have any other role on the outcome as the final result was determined entirely by the televoting. The overall results of tonight’s final developed as following: 

  • Maria– Muerdeme  – 22% (2nd)
  • Noelia–  Hoy vuelvo a reir otra vez 7% (4th)
  • Natalia– La clave  6% (5th)
  • Famous- No puedo más 5% (7th)
  • Miki- La venda  34% (1st)
  • Miki & Natalia- 14% (3rd)
  • Julia-Que quieres que haga 3% (8th)
  • Sabela –Hoy soñaré  2% (9th)
  • Marilia- Todo bien  6% (6th)
  • Carlos- Se te nota 1% (10th)

Guest star of the night was , who else? The lady that after winning 2nd place in Eurovision 2018, has gone double platinum in the country with her song Fuego, Eleni Foureira! This time she performed apart from Fuego her latest single Tomame.



Miki will be the 59th representative Spain, which has been participating in Eurovision since 1961. Spain has won the competition twice back in 1968 (Massiel – La la la) and 1969 (Salomé – Vivo cantando), while every year it qualified directly to the final as one of the  Big-5. Last year the country was represented by  Alfred & Amaia and the song Tu Cancion which came 23rd. 

Can Miki offer Spain its first victory after more than a half century? What do you think of Spain’s Eurovision 2019 entry La Venda?

Angelo D.

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