Spain: Miki releases his new single “Me Vale”

Spain: Miki releases his new single “Me Vale”

The Spanish Eurovision 2019 representative, Miki Nuñez, has released his new single titled “Me Vale” !

Miki represented Spain at Eurovision 2019 in Tel Aviv with his song “La Venda” which might have finished low in the 22nd place in the Grand Final but met great acceptance among the Eurovision fans. After a year, Miki drops his new track “Mi Vale”.

Miki’s new work has been composed by Miki himself,  Diego Arroyo and Jimmy Summers. The music video is Miki’s work in collaboration with his brother Albert Marco. During the video appears his girlfriend Sara Roy and some of the OT participants: Natalia Lacunza, Joan Garrido, Carlos Right, Cepeda, Mimi, Roi Méndez, Alba Reche, María Escarmiento, Marta, Dave, Alfonso, Noemí Galera, Noelia, Ricky, Manu Guix, Roberto Leal, Damion, África, Famous and Marilia.

Enjoy Miki’s brand new song in the following music video:


A few words about Miki

Miki was born on January 6,1996 in Barcelona. He started his music career as the frontman of the group  Dalton Bang which usually performed covers of other known songs. In September 2018 he decides to take part in Operación Triunfo where he finishes in the 6th place. Through his participation he competes in the Spanish national final of  Eurovision Gala with two songs, the first one entitled La Venda which came 1st  and the second song entitled Nadie se salva which he performed with  Natalia Lacunza and came 3rd.

In last year’s Spanish national final, Eurovision Gala,  a total of 10 songs were performed by 9 acts, who all came from the country’s talent show  Operación Triunfo, the show used in order to determine the Eurovision 2019 entry. The 22 yo Miki Núñez even though having finished 6th in Operación Triunfo show and despite not being in the top 3 songs of the online voting, the energetic and vivid way he delivered his entry won people’s preference, who crowned him winner of the Spanish national final with his song “La Venda”

Miki went on represeting Spain at Eurovision 2019 in Tel Aviv with his song  “La Venda” which despite Miki’s energertic performance on stage finished 22nd in the grand final.

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