Spain: Over 30 artists join forces singing “Resistiré” to raise funds for the combat against the Covid-19 pandemic

Spain: Over 30 artists join forces singing “Resistiré” to raise funds for the combat against the Covid-19 pandemic

A total of 31 Spanish acts have joined forces through the song “Resistiré”  in the combat against Covid-19 in order to raise funds for the District of Madrid that has been hit hard by the coronavirus pandemic. 

Namely, Alex Ubago, Andrés Suárez, Álvaro Soler, Blas Cantó (Spain 2020), Carlos Baute, Conchita, David Bisbal (backing vocalist-Spain 2002), David Otero, David Summers, Despistaos, Diana Navarro, Dvicio, Efecto Mariposa, Efecto Pasillo, Ele, Georgina, India, Jose Mercé, Josemi Carmona, Manuel Carrasco, Melendi, Mikel Erentxun, Nil Moliner, Pastora Soler (Spain 2012), Pedro Guerra, Pitingo, Rosana, Rozalén, Rulo, Sofía Ellar and Vanesa Martín perform the song  “Resistiré” (I Will Resist), inspired by the people’s reaction to sing the song on their balconies in the evening giving a big applause to the medical staff of the hopsitals.

The song in not a new one, as it was written back in 1988 by  Dúo Dinámico and was included in their album titled En forma . The song bacame worldwide known two years later, when Pedro Almodóvar introduced it in his film ¡Átame! (Tie me). Dúo Dinámico (Manuel de la Calva & Ramón Arcusa), are two singers, composers, music producers and actors widely popular in Spain with millions of fans and sales as they were one of the first ones to introduce pop music in the country.

Dúo Dinámico and Eurovision

Dúo Dinámico concierto en Tarragona, Tarragona. Comprar entradas ...duo-dinamico_bailando-twist_2

The wirters of “Resistiré” are no strangers to the Eurovision world. In 1965 they had participated in the Spanish national final with their entry “Esos ojitos negros” and finished second.

Further on, the two of them wrote the Spanish winning Eurovision 1968 entry La,La,La performed by Massiel and which initially was written for their friend Juan Manuel Serrat but he never reached the stage after Franko’s objection to be performed in Catalanese which were forbidden at that time. Additionally they were behind the lyrics of the ESC 1978 entry “Bailemos un vals” performed by José Vélez that came 9th in the contest.

The second member of the duo Ramón Arcusa wrote the lyrics of the song Amanece,the Spanish 1972 Eurovision entry performed by Jaime Morey that finished at 10th place.

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