Spain: PreParty ES at Home Takes Place Online Tonight

Spain: PreParty ES at Home Takes Place Online Tonight

The special edtion of this year’s Preparty ES event will take place online tonight on Youtube. After its postponement due to the coronavirus outbreak, the organisers adjusted the preparty event to the current restrictions and for this year is staying home by going online.

Earlier in March the Eurovision 2020 pre-party that was scheduled to take place in Madrid on 10 and 11 April had been postponed. The decision taken by Eurovision-Spain came as a result of the Coronavirus pandemic. Following that decision the organisers adjusted the event to the current restrictions implemeted cause of the Covid-19 pandemic and will be holding the PrePartyEs at Home.

This exceptional version of the usual PrePartyES will be held online, tonight, at 22:00 CET , on YouTube.

The Spanish representative, host of the event, will this time have the role of conductor of the concert, while the remaining 20 representatives will perform in it with complete artistic freedom. In addition to half of the ESC 2020 representatives, the concert has five invited artists: Barei (Spain 2016), Lucía Pérez (Spain 2011), Melani (Spain Junior 2019) Soraya (Spain 2009) and Zlata Ognevich (Ukraine 2013). Therefore the final line up of the preparty event will see the following acts:

Eurovision 2020 representatives

Ana Soklič – Slovenia
Ben Dolic – Germany
Benny Cristo – Czech Republic

Damir Kedžo – Croatia
Diodato – Italy
Gjon’s Tears – Switzerland
Go_A – Ukraine
Hurricane – Serbia
James Newman – United Kingdom
Lesley Roy – Ireland
Montaigne – Australia
Natalia Gordienko – Moldova
Roxen – Romania
Samanta Tina – Latvia
Senhit – San Marino
The Mamas – Sweden
The Roop Lithuania
Val – Belarus
Vasil – North Macedonia
Victoria – Bulgaria

Guest artists

  • · Barei – Spain 2016
    · Lucía Pérez Spain 2011
    · Melani – Spain Junior 2019
    · Soraya – Spain 2009
    · Zlata Ognevich – Ukraine 2013 intends to meet three objectives with this new project: pay tribute to the candidacies of the canceled Eurovision 2020, accompany the Europeans in their reclusion at home through music and prove that this health emergency does not understand borders, so the entire continent must remain at home.

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