Spain: RTVE confirms participation in Junior Eurovision 2021

Spain: RTVE confirms participation in Junior Eurovision 2021

The Spanish national broadcaster, RTVE, has confirmed the nation’s participation in the upcoming Junior Eurovision 2021 in Paris the following December.

During the press conference in which a collaboration agreement was signed between the Generalitat Valenciana and the City Council to revive the mythical Spanish festival,Festival Internacional de la Canción de Benidorm’ which will serve to select the Spanish representative in Eurovision 2022 , the Spanish broadcaster confirmed its presence at Junior Eurovision 2021 in Paris.

Ana María Bordas , head of the Spanish Eurovision delegation and member of the  Eurovision Junior reference group,  stated:

“We are delighted that one of the members of the  Big Five is  organizing the festival. In addition, the decision to delay it to to celebrate it in the best conditions and to join it to Christmas seems very successful for a children’s contest “

Spain returned to the competition in the 2019 edition after 13 years of absence  and did it with an impressive. The young talented act starred in a memorable performance with “Marte” (Mars)  on the  stage of Gliwice-Silesia and achieved to finish in 3rd place. 

This year the nation was represented by Soleá who performed the song ‘Palante’ which finished third on the overall scoreboard with 133 points. 

News Source: RTVE

Image: Junior Eurovision tv: RTVE/ RAUL TEJEDOR

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