Spain: RTVE invites Blas Cantó to be back for Eurovision 2021

Spain: RTVE invites Blas Cantó to be back for Eurovision 2021

Following the Eurovision 2020 cancellation it remains as a question what will happen with this year’s selected Eurovision acts and entries. The Spanish broadcaster has already invited  Blas Cantó to represent the country next year. 

Eurovision 202o has been cancelled due to the coronavirus outbreak, but will happen with this year’s act and entries?

EBU stated that the reference group and the participating broadcasters will later make a decision on if the selected artists will be able to perform their songs in next year’s contest. However, the national broadcasters will have to decide if they will select the same Eurovision 2020 acts to represent them in next year’s edition.

Under these developments, the Spanish national broadcaster, has already invited this year’s internally selected Eurovision representative. RTVE expressed it gratitude for all the hard work done all this time since October 5, when Blas was selected and invites him to represent the country in 2021.

Blas Cantό himself considers EBU’s decision to cancel as the right thing to do and welcomes RTVE’s invitation for Eurovision 2021:

There is a commitment on my part to continue working on our participation in 2021 and I am very happy to have the opportunity to do so next year.

 There are many things to do. We are going to take  Eurovision in style, it is  going to be my flag, and we have time to do it and to make a good performance in 2021.

Blas Cantó was chosen internally to represent Spain at the Eurovision Song Contest 2020, with the song “Universo”:

Source: RTVE 

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