Spain: RTVE to select its representative for Eurovision 2022 through a national selection in Benidorm

Spain: RTVE to select its representative for Eurovision 2022 through a national selection in Benidorm

The Spanish national broadcaster, RTVE, has announced that it will switch to a new national selection form to be held at Benidorm.

RTVE has officially announced that Generalitat Valenciana and the Benidorm City Council have agreed to use the “Festival Internacional de la Canción de Benidorm” as the country’s pre-selection form for the 2022 Eurovision Song Contest. The seaside town of Alicante will host the selection process. of the artist who will participate in Eurovision 2022, and the locals promise a great music show that will take place in early 2022 and will be broadcast by RTVE.

The agreement between the three institutions has been signed and presented in Benidorm this morning. The agreement was signed by RTVE President José Manuel Pérez Tornero, Generalitat Valenciana President Ximo Puig, and Benidorm Mayor Toni Pérez.

The ESC 2022 national selection format 

During this morning’s presentation, the format for selecting the candidates was revealed:

The music event will consist of three galas (two semifinals and a final show), which will be broadcast live on RTVE. The selected songs will be previously published on the RTVE Play platform.

The aim is to establish a long-standing music festival based on a renewed and modernized version of the past “Festival Internacional de la Canción de Benidorm” which will serve as a successful selection of the Spanish representative at Eurovision.

The competing entries will be released in the fall, while the event will most likely take place in the first months of 2022 with January being the most likely. The result will be determined by the jury and the public vote. The detailed terms of the competition will be presented soon.

Spain in Eurovision

Spain has been taking part in the Eurovision Song contest since 1961 and has won the contest two times in 1968 with Massiel and in 1969 with Salome

This year represented by Blas Cantó who sang “Voy e Quedarme” which finished 24th place with only 6 points. 

News Source: RTVE / RTVE 


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