Spain: Say Yay and Barei for Spain

Spain: Say Yay and Barei for Spain



Barei will have the honour to represent Spain at the 2016 Eurovision Song Contest. After a Magnifisent show (Objectivo Eurovision) which was held by RTVE and  was hosted by Anne Irgatiburu, Barei managed to win the ticket for Eurovision Song Contest 2016.

Barei, Electric Nana, Salva Beltran, Maverick, Xuso Jones and Maria Isabel, did their best in order to impress the two juries (National and in studio) and the televoters. Barei received 114 points and she will be the lucky one to represent Spain in Stockholm.

Final Results:

Place Participants International In-studio Televote Total
1 Barei – Say yay! 30 36 48 114
2 Xuso Jones – Victorious 24 30 40 94
3 Salvador Beltrán – Días de alegría 36 16 20 72
4 María Isabel – La vida sólo es una 18 18 32 68
5 Electric Nana – Now 15 23 28 66
6 Maverick – Un mundo más feliz 21 23 24 66

In the following video you can watch the winning song of Objectivo Eurovision 2016

Loreen, was not only a member of the in studio jury, but also perfmored live the winning song of 2012 <<Euphoria>>. Enjoy!!!!!!!

Stefanos Charpantidis

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