Spain: The 6 snippets!!!!!

Spain: The 6 snippets!!!!!

timthumbToday RTVE, the Spanish broadcaster, revealed the titles of the six songs. Xuso Jones, Maria Isabel, Maverick, Barei, Electric Nana and Salva Beltran are ready for the Spanish Final <<Objetivo Eurovisión>>, which will take place on the 1st of February at 22:30 CET. The final decision depends on  Jury (National and International) and televoting. Host of the night will be  Anne Igartiburu.


On Wednesday 20 January at 17:00 CET, we will hear the full versions of the 6 songs. Until then, you can listen to the snippets of the songs on the following link.

The six candidate songs are:

  • Xuso JonesVictorious
  • Maria IsabelLa vida solo es una
  • MaverickUn mundo mas feliz
  • BareiSay Yay
  • Electric NanaNow
  • Salva BeltranDias de alegria



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