Spain: The country’s Eurovision entry again through from Operación Triunfo?

Spain: The country’s Eurovision entry again through from Operación Triunfo?

In 2018,Spain chose its Eurovision entry through the talent show “Operación Triunfo”, which has been a great success in the country. TV viewing has risen and gave RTVE the highest viewing rate on Eurovision’s final night with more than 7 million viewers compared to the 3.9 million viewers of 2017 in Spain.

A few days ago, the audition for the OT 2018 was officially launched, and the country’s public television asked young and ambitious artists to cover their own videos with cover songs of earlier show appearances. The response of course was enormous with more than 10,000 videos coming to public television.

In the ninth season of the show emerged Amaia as the winner , who together with Alfred represented Spain, but did not manage to conquer a good position on the final night.

Below you can enjoy their appearance:

Despite the tremendous success of the song in the country (3rd place in the official charts), the duel finished in 23rd place with 61 points. However, the same competition resulted in one of the country’s greatest successes to date. Of course, we are talking about Aitana and Ana Guerra’s duo in the song “Lo Malo”, which was loved by the eurofans and was ranked 1st in the official charts of Spain, but failed to get the ticket for Lisbon.

So,we are expecting the results of the show to find out if Spain will choose again the OT’s winner as its representative in Israel next year.

Fotis Kourouvanis

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