Spain: The results from Gala 2 of Operacion Triunfo 2018

Spain: The results from Gala 2 of Operacion Triunfo 2018

Spanish national broadcaster  TVE 1, aired yesterday the 2nd live episode of the talent show Operación Triunfo, through which the next Spanish Eurovision representative will be determined.

Host of the show was Roberto Leal while the jury consists of  Manuel Martos, Joe Perez-Orive and Ana Toroja (the last one was replaced this week by Rosana). Additionally , Julia Gómez Cora was the guest judge of the night.

A total of 16 contestansts gave the best of themselves in order to secure their remain in the music academy. The two candidates for elimination from last week,  Sabela and Alfonso, tried to convince the audience to keep them in the show. The female act performed Rosa Cedrón’s song Benditas feridas while Alfonso John Legend’s song All Of Me. Eventually Alfonso received less votes and was eliminated from the show, giving the opportunity to Sabela to continue in the competition.

Yesterday, apart from the two candidates for elimination, the rest 14 contestants formed duels and performed popular spanish songs and worlwide hits. Favorite contestant according to the audience’s votes was  Natalia who was excluded from the elimination process.

Following that, the jury of the show selected the 4 candidates for elimination, from which one was saved by the academy’s teachers and one was saved by his colleagues inside the academy. The four acts that faced the threat of elimination were. : Joan Garrido, África, Dave and María.  Joan was saved by the other students in the academy while Maria was given a 2nd opportunity by the teachers. Therefore, next week  Africa and Dave will have a sing off and battle to remain in the show.

Stay tuned on the INFE Network and its regional national sited for more news from the Spanish selection and the next shows of  Operacion Triunfo 2018

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