Spain: TVE releases snippets of the 17 potential Eurovision entries; Public online voting opens for two weeks

Spain: TVE releases snippets of the 17 potential Eurovision entries; Public online voting opens for two weeks

The snippets of the seventeen potential Spanish Eurovision entries go public while the online public voting kicks off and will be open for two weeks. 

The Spanish national broadcaster, TVE, published snippets of the 17 entries in order for the people to listen to them and cast their votes via a voting platform that will run until January 2. The 3 most voted entries will automatically pass to the Eurovision Gala national final, while a five member jury from  TVE, TVE Digital and Operacion Triunfo 2018 teachers will choose additionally  7  more entries from the rest 14 songs.

You can listen to the 1 minute snippets of the 17 potential Eurovision entries here. You can vote for your three favorite songs by registering on rtve.’s official website via your Facebook, Twitter or RTVE accounts


The national broadcaster had received the candidate songs through two formats. The Spanish broadcaster made an open call to authors that have already a recorded song, to send in their music proposals having the right the same time to suggest which OT act they suggest as most appropriate to perform their songs, without this being binding for RTVE. Following the submissions a special committee formed by  five members representing OGAE SpainAEV Spain, RTVE Digital and the Spanish music industry evaluated all submitted entries. The same time TVE and Gestmusic addressed a separate invitation to established composers and producers in the music scene. A special committee of five members from TVE, RTVE Digital and the Operacion Triunfo teachers  shortlisted the submitted songs.

After this process a total of 17 entries eventually ,instead of 20 as initially planned, were assigned to OT conestants. However, according to the director OT co-producer company,  GestMusic, Tinet Rubira , not all acts were to be assingned with a song. The Academy’s teachers chose the one with the most vocally skilled acts and did not interfere in the choice of songs at all.


Here are the 17 ESC potential songs and the 13 out of 16 Operancion Triunfo acts who will perform them as published the previous days by TVE:

1. Famous – No puedo más (mid-tempo with gospel influence)
2. Miki – La venda (Catalan rumba/ska)
3. Alba Reche – ¿Qué será luego? (flamenco/soul/latin ballad)
4. Miki & Natalia – Nadie se salva
5. Julia – Qué quieres que haga (flamenco/soul/latin ballad)
6. Natalia – La clave (Spanish pop/urban)
7. Sabela – Dímelo de frente (pop/electronic)
8. Sabela – Hoy soñaré (ethnic/chill out)
9. Miki – El equilibro (indie rock)
10. Noelia – Hoy vuelvo a reír otra vez (romantic)
11. Marilia – Todo bien (latin/dance/funk)
12. María – Muérdeme (emotional song)
13. Carlos Right – Se te nota (international latin pop)
14. Damion – Sale (pop/dancehall)
15. Marta – Vuelve (romantic)
16. Joan Garrido & Marilia – A tu lado
17. Carlos Right – Nunca fui (romantic) 

TVE is planning to hold the 2019 Spanish national final (Eurovision Gala) in January with 10 entries battling for the golden ticket to Israel. The final outcome will be determined entirely by televoting. 

The winers of ΟΤ 2017, Alfred & Amaia , represented the country in Lisbon with their song Tu cancion and finished 23rd in the final.


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