Spain’s First Rehearsal.

Spain’s First Rehearsal.

The most dramatic national final of this year’s national selections was for sure that of Spain’s. The outcome of the voting brought Manel Navarro to the Eurovision Contest over the fan’s favorite , Mirella. However the Spanish representative, after the first reactions, has tried to make an effective promo tour to make his song Do It For Your Lover as popular as it can get and put behind the negativity of the first days.

For the second time the country chooses English to deliver its song in the contest than Spanish as traditionally did in the past.

Having a summer look and mood, Manuel got on stage, having his back, together with the rest of the instrument players, turned to the audience. On the back ground we see the globe pictured and some palm trees. Manel himself as the rest on stage are wearing Hawaian style shirts. He looks comfortable on stage and vocally he sounds really good.


Take a look at Manel’s first rehearsal video below:



Angelo D.

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