Spain’s first rehearsal

Spain’s first rehearsal

This is a surprise. Quite a big one. Spain are trying to win at last. The presentation starts with Edurne in a red hooded cape over a semi-clad male dancer. Her voice is in tune if a little too gentle. As the presentation progresses, Edurne stands up and walks towards the front of the stage  while the dancer holds the tail of her cape stretched in the air, then pulls it off Edurne’s body (let’s hope we will not have a ‘Madonna at the Brit Awards’ moment when the cape does not come off the singer and instead the singer is pulled off the stage) to reveal a long dress in light golden tones with a very long cut that reveals her legs. To put it shortly, Edurne looks stunning (or ‘guapa’ as the Spanish press keeps on shouting with excitement in the press centre – they are right). The stage starts dark with blue impressions of moving concentric ripples and then turns into warmer tones of yellow and orange; there are also projections of a tree and waterfalls in the background. During the song’s crescendo part, Edurne carries out a complicated choreography with her singer that, despite its high level of difficulty, is carried out effortlessly. The presentation finishes with the Spanish singer silhouetted by the light of a white spotlight behind her. A few notches short of epic, which I suspect was the presentation’s intention, but still a good effort from Spain.

Angelo D.

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