Swedish broadcaster SVT has announced the team who will run Eurovision 2016. The team consists of  both Eurovision veterans and experienced TV pros to bring fresh ideas.

Details of the announcement, first made via Schlagerprofilerna, shows SVT’s dream team:

Martin Österdahl – Executive Producer
Martin is familiar to Eurovision. He lead ESC 2013 in Malmo, while SVT announced he would be Executive Producer of the 2016 contest just after Måns took the trophy in Vienna. Martin also produced live singalong show Sommarkrysset in 2005.

Johan Bernhagen – Executive Producer
He has produced many glamourous events, like the Royal Wedding in 2010. He was also included in the 2013 team.

Tobias Åberg – Head of Production
Tobias was part of the Eurovision 2013 team too. This year he will deal with technical issues.

Christer Björkman – Contest Producer
Christer, also known as Mr. Melodifestivalen, was the show producer of the 2013 contest. Now, he’ll cope with the treatment of the heads of delegations and the running order of the competing songs.

Sven Stojanovic – Show Producer
Sven has one of the most important jobs. He’ll be responsibe of the content of all three shows and how everything will look on TV. He has also directed Eurovision 2008 in Belgrade!

Lotta Loosme – Head of Communications
She has been SVT’s Marketing Director since 2009, and has also worked for TV3, TV4 and TV6.

Sofi Franzén – Head of Event, City and Partners
Sofi will deal with the tickets, events and other preparations in Stockholm. She’s organised more than 3,000 events, and is part of Eventyr.

Josephine Görander – Executive Assistant and Office Manager
Josephine is the Assistant to Director of Programmes at SVT.


George Michail

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