Second Rehearsal Sweden, Georgia and Australia (Continuous update)

Second Rehearsal Sweden, Georgia and Australia (Continuous update)

Here we are again back in the IEC arena in Kiev for day 5 of the rehearsals. Today, we will have the second rehearsals of the first semi final, Sweden, Georgia, Australia, Albania, Belgium, Montenegro, Finland, Azerbaijan, Portugal, Greece, Poland, Moldova, Iceland, Czech Republic, and Cyprus. These rehearsals can be attended from the Eurovision fans.


First on stage in Sweden and Robin. Almost the same as in the first rehearsal and the Melodifestivalen. Robin is much better vocally. In general, a good rehearsal from Sweden.


Next on stage is Georgia with Tamara. Tamara is consider as one of the best voices this years in Eurovision. Full in red for Georgia. Tamara is wearing her red dress today with a red cape. She removes the cape after the first refrain. The background is red too. Vocally she is fantastic and she cooperates well with the back vocalists. Tamara is alone on stage.


After a small delay, Australia is up for the second rehearsal. Isaiah is sing on a turning platform. On the LED screens we can see his face again. Isaiah wears total black clothes. Before the end of the song, he gets off the platform and get on it again just to disappear in the dark. Vocally he is fantastic. The best rehearsal so far.

Stefanos Charpantidis

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