Sweden: Iceland wins the atlternative Eurovision show of “Sveriges 12:a”

Sweden: Iceland wins the atlternative Eurovision show of “Sveriges 12:a”

Following this year’s cancellation of Eurovision 2020, the Swedish broadcaster, SVT, is airing an alternative Eurovision program. This evening the alternative Eurovision show “Sveriges 12:a” crowned winner Iceland’s Daði & Gagnamagnið.

Withing its alternative Eurovision schedule SVT held this evening the show “Sveriges 12:a” aiming to convey the Eurovision feeling  through our screens.

Eurovision Week on SVT started on Saturday, May 9 with the show Inför ESC, hosted by Christer Björkman along with the comedian David Sundin. The Swedish public watched all 41 songs and voted for their favourites using the Melodifestivalen app. 25 enties out of the 41 entries qualified to this evening’s show. The voting that unfolded during the show was based on points coming from a jury and the televoting.

Iceland achieved to top both voting reaching the maximum total of 24 points while Malta came 2nd with a total of 20 points. The top 3 closed with Switzerland and 10 points.

First the jury votes were announced:

jury vote

The televoting followed with the 1,461,000 votes that came in. Once the public votes were added the final scoreboard developed as following:


Iceland scores another first placing after Eurojury 2020, Eurostream 2020 and several other polls showing that if the contest was held Daði & Gagnamagnið were one of favorites to win this year’ s contest with the song ‘Think About Things’.

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