Sweden: Melodifestivalen Heat 3 Results

Sweden: Melodifestivalen Heat 3 Results



The 3rd show of Melodifestivalen was held in Norrköping in the arena of Himmelstalundshallen. 7 acts for 2 + 2 tickets. 2 for the Grand Final and 2 for the second chance show. The 2 hosts were Gina Dirawi and the comedian Henrik Schyffert.

The 7 acts of the 3rd show were:

  1. SaRahaKizunguzungu
  2. Swingfly feat. Helena GutarraYou Carved Your Name
  3. SMILOWeight of the World
  4. After DarkKom ut som en stjärna
  5. Lisa AjaxMy Heart Wants Me Dead
  6. Boris RenéPut Your Love on Me
  7. Oscar ZiaHuman 

The 2 acts that qualified  for the Final show are:

  • Oscar Zia



  • Lisa Ajax



The 2 acts that qualified  for the second chance show are:

  • SaRaha
  • Boris René

The 4th semi final show of Melodifestivalen will be held next Saturday in Gävle with 7 new acts.



Stefanos Charpantidis

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