Sweden: P4 Nästa 2020 final set for September 12

Sweden: P4 Nästa 2020 final set for September 12

The final of the radio song contest, P4 Nästa 2020 , from which the first Melodifestivalen contestant will be determined, is scheduled for September this year.

On September 12 we will find out the first act that will compete in Melodifestivalen 2021. P4 station will be holding a total of 25 regional selections across the Scandinavian country, from which 8 winners will advance to the final show. Thw winner or one of the finalists is awarded with a wildcard for Sweden’s national selection , Melodifestivalen, in which the contestant must compete with a new song different from the one in P4 Nästa, so as to comply with EBU rules that require all entries to have been released after September 1.

With the first two selection already taken place here is this year’s P4 Nästa timeline:

May 20: P4 Skaraborg
May 22: P4 Jämtland
May 26: P4 Uppland
May 28: P4 Halland
May 28: P4 Jönköping
May 28: P4 Västernorrland
May 29: P4 Malmöhus
May 29:  P4 Sörmland
June 1: P4 Kalmar
June 4: P4 Kristianstad
June 4: P4 Örebro
June 5: P4 Dalarna
June 5: P4 Kronoberg
June 5: P4 Stockholm
June 5: P4 Värmland
June 5 P4 Östergötland
June 5: P4 West
June 10: P4 Gothenburg
June 10:P4 Norrbotten
June 12: P4 Gävleborg
June 12: P4 Sjahärad
June 17: P4 Västerbotten
June 17: P4 Gotland
June 26: P4 Västmanland
July 17: P4 Blekinge

After the first two selection were held the first two winning acts are:

Skaraborg: Alicja Jern – Friendzone

Jämtland: Amskøld -Stand by

Last year Amanda Aasa was the wildcard for Melodifestivalen 2020 with her song “Go Home”. The Swedish act finished sixth in the 3rd semi final. Up to date no  P4 Nästa wildcard has achieved to pass the Melodifestivalen semi final stage.

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